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yup. =))). i have the link for the tut. here it is for ya: og/myspace-profile-2-tutorial/

here's one to help w/ other 2.0 stuff: tamari/Profile2.0ModuleManager .php

and here's one to make divs in 2.0:
http://views-under-const yspace-20-div-layout-div-overl ay.html

hope that helps ya out sum.

Posted by calilani on Jun 8, 09 11:30 am

I think you were the one that mentioned something about a tutorial for coding divs in 2.0, right? I know that was sort of a long time ago, but do you still have the link?
Thank you!

Posted by schizo on Jun 4, 09 8:36 pm

thanks for the layout comment & approval. i'm in the process of getting together all my old layouts & that was jus one of the ones i still had the coding to (former skem9er). it's not totally my style either...but made it for my nieces & their friends.

see ya around here again...i'm sure. :))

Posted by calilani on Mar 19, 09 3:08 am

Thank you! Glad you like my designs. :)

Posted by schizo on Mar 17, 09 10:51 pm

love your layouts. you're very creative!

Posted by calilani on Mar 17, 09 9:27 am
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Layout by: I removed the top image though.