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MY GOODNESS WOMAN! I miss you =[ but I'm so happy to hear that your back! but omg, guess who's got 2 kids xD there tough, but there my little ones i ♥ sooooo much! ahhh idk what to say anymore! its like you & I have missed sooo much by just not talking to eachother. and by the way. i totally lovve your freaking song!

Posted by koobecaf on Sep 28, 09 7:23 pm · History

Thanks 4 the pic comment [the old one.. havent caught up to ppl who commented my pics yet sorry!]

Posted by koobecaf on Aug 19, 09 11:15 pm · History


Posted by Feed--the--Dragon on Jul 14, 09 5:03 am · History


Posted by koobecaf on Jun 25, 09 1:34 am · History

Got something for ya, I call it Phoenix 1.0
Basic starter codes for myspace div layouts...head on over to the site when you have time :)

Posted by Feed--the--Dragon on Jun 20, 09 6:21 pm · History

I think you were the one that mentioned something about a tutorial for coding divs in 2.0, right? I know that was sort of a long time ago, but do you still have the link?
Thank you!

Posted by schizo on Jun 4, 09 8:36 pm · History

that is great. I can't wait to see what u come up with. I'm sure to give u credits once they are out. :D

Posted by Parasite on May 28, 09 2:25 am · History

Ur welcome. ^_^ I think ur designs are beautiful. xox

Posted by Parasite on May 27, 09 6:03 pm · History

i had a great holiday! thanks for asking and yea i guess it kind of helped i think i will be posting my next image tomorrow once im done with it this time i made sure EVERYthing is right! i promise but ya i got really sick today cuz i wasnt able 2 go 2 work or school because um... i was a liiiiiiiiitle hungover xD from the previous night.

Posted by koobecaf on May 26, 09 9:54 pm · History

i love it how the rest of my long ass messages goes to the left of my picture! thats creative how can i do that. and oh btw how was your memeorail day weekend? im sure it was fantabulous right? right! anywayz thats ok that you dont accept dem i just wana know why and wat happend that i alwayz get rejected cuz i think wats her face; um.... gabiie told me why and i was like :O ok! i guess ill do that later and fix my shit xD :o
Missssed you! xD im hyper again!

Posted by koobecaf on May 26, 09 11:25 am · History

Thanks a bunch I appreciate it!
Yeah, I have to fix it again!
But mostly everything is from Deviantart, I'll edit the layout description now! :D

Posted by Fangbangerx13 on May 21, 09 10:42 am · History

if you get a request to approve my graphic its a girl and a guy with a heart thats blakc and white it looks like this .jpg please dont let anyone take it, it acutally did take me a while to fix it.

Posted by koobecaf on May 19, 09 7:47 pm · History =dGEuNmFU4bw
ht tp:// GEuNmFU4bw .com/watch?v=dGEuNmFU4bw
http :// uNmFU4bw om/watch?v=dGEuNmFU4bw
http:/ / mFU4bw /watch?v=dGEuNmFU4bw

WATCH! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by koobecaf on May 15, 09 5:33 am · History

=] Have an Awsome Weekend!!!!

Posted by koobecaf on May 14, 09 4:28 am · History

Thanks for the comment :)

Posted by Brighter on May 9, 09 9:35 pm · History

LMAO!!!! Yea I had to go OLD SCHOOL haha I thought about my mommy & daddy when they sang that song all the time back in the day. Its kind of ironic though how I'm going threw the same predicament. :[

I'm sure I'll get over it soon.

Posted by koobecaf on May 9, 09 8:47 pm · History

hope i enjoyed some of your day by giving u that ridiculous message!

Posted by koobecaf on May 9, 09 5:32 am · History

SAME HERE! lol i just had to clear things up with my awsome buddy. and Oh my god I um. read a booK :O a Full one to. the whooole entire thing! [it um... took me 3 months] lol but hay i finished it. lmao. and um it wwas Funny! i couldnt get it down. i was Surprised.

The title I believe fits me perfectly along with the character. haha the book is called

"Queen of Babble" By Meg Cabot
GOOGLE it. You wont be sad!

Posted by koobecaf on May 9, 09 5:32 am · History

thx 4 the comment! :)

Posted by cynthiachioma on May 8, 09 11:00 pm · History

:p woah! you changed the songs to everytime i "reload/refresh" the page!

Posted by koobecaf on May 7, 09 10:11 pm · History

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